The Colombian Tourism agency SAS Turcol throughout its history in the tourism industry has actively participated in training, meetings, conferences that promote responsible and sustainable tourism, and has also managed, led and developed several projects to contribute to the enviroment care and preservation. 

Turcol is an active member of responsible tourism associations, such as Acotur, Clúster de Turismo, Icontec, among others, which support our good practices in tourism, which provide us with training, events, conferences where they train us constantly, In addition, the agency also conducts internal training related to these aspects that help us comply with our sustainability policies.

Thanks to our commitment to the destination, we have implemented several projects for the benefit of the local community and the environment.

Next, we list Turcol’s projects and efforts:

  • Sowing Footprints with Turcol:

    February 7, 2021 was the inauguration of this environmental project that was born with the aim of contributing to the reforestation of the Ciudad Perdida vegetation, this activity is carried out constantly during the tours and is led by our guides in the company of the tourists, who participate actively and with great motivation, joining this great project where they contribute positively to the care of the destination. See the project

  • Change of firewood for propane gas

    This initiative arose from the need to combat the logging and deforestation of the Ciudad Perdida vegetation and was implemented since 2012.

  • Water treatment

    This management is based on guaranteeing the improvement of the quality of life of the community and visitors, reducing the risk of diseases during their stay in the area, this Turcol initiative has been carried out satisfactorily since 2017.

  • Road Conditioning

    The Turcol agency has been concerned with providing memorable and unique experiences to our visitors, for this reason it has managed and implemented projects that guarantee the safety of tourists during the tours, providing them with the protection of their physical integrity through repairs to the roads and the construction of new bridges for the prevention of accidents and for this reason since 2016 progress has been made in this aspect as well.

  • Turcol Ecological Points in the area

    Since 2016 we have been working on this project because we are aware of the need to promote this type of activity that contributes to responsible and sustainable tourism to promote the care of the native community and the territory.

  • Communications Installation

    The agency supported the installation of communication signals (Wifi) and radios at different points along the way to improve communication and improve the quality of life, teaching processes and access to information.

Also, Turcol has an information and awareness program for tourists, suppliers and collaborators on the different channels to publicize our sustainability policies that we have as a company and in this way that they also put them into practice.


The Turismo Colombiano SAS agency has several projects and actions implemented with the aim of promoting the efficient use of water, energy and others for the control and proper management of waste.

Below, we list each of these projects:


  • Efficient use of water program

    • Implementation of informative announcements in different strategic parts of the agency’s headquarters that make readers aware of the importance of saving water and making efficient use of it.
    • Training and awareness on the proper use of water, thus creating an environmental culture in our human talent, during these training practices of the intelligent use of water are shared with all our hosts.
    • Constant monitoring of water savings, during these monitoring checks are made for leaks in the faucets, toilets and reports of leaks to the aqueduct service company.
  • Turcol Energy Saving Program

    •  Implementation of informative announcements in the agency’s office that promote constant energy savings.
  • Training and awareness

    Training and environmental education is also necessary in the company, since through this it is possible to sensitize the company’s personnel to the rational and efficient use of energy, achieving the reduction of unnecessary expenses of fuel and water, for that reason Actions are implemented that can be carried out from the workplace to reduce consumption, such as:

    • Perform maintenance and periodic reviews of electrical appliances and electrical installations in general.
    • Connect a single plug to each socket.
    • Do not use, if possible, extensions.
    • Do not abuse multitakes and overload them.
    • Turn off the computer when you leave the office.
    • When you don’t use the computer in a certain time, turn off the monitor.
    • Disconnect the computer on weekends or days of absence from work.
    • When you leave the office or workplace, you should turn off the copier/printer.
    • Keep the glass of the windows of the buildings clean, so that it allows a better entry of daylight.
    • Avoid printing documents as much as possible, use emails.
  • Comprehensive waste management

    • Turcol ecological point

      In the agency we have ecological points in strategic areas, demarcated and marked, made up of containers of different colors, according to the classification of the waste.

    • Recycling

      At Turcol we take care of recycling paper for printing, memes for notes, we avoid printing or photocopying documents, we try to handle documents digitally and always use recycled paper, thus giving it a second use.

Being a tour operator travel agency we also ensure that all these relevant aspects for the care and efficient management of these resources are replicated in the destinations, our human talent has an environmental spirit that puts into practice all these habits that involve caring, preserving and promote tourism in a responsible and sustainable way, actively participating in each project and management led by the agency, showing its commitment and support in each of these

These efforts have been made as a contribution to the local community to repay the innumerable benefits that it has given us and for the level of environmental awareness that we have acquired during our years of experience, accompanied by the appreciation and respect that we have for this great territory.



Las buenas prácticas en nuestra prestación de servicios turísticos son las acciones que contribuyen a la conservación del patrimonio cultural y natural, el desarrollo social y económico de las comunidades y a la satisfacción de los actores implicados en la actividad de turismo de la empresa TURCOL S.A.S. El turismo razonable es el turismo del futuro y del ahora. sembramos la subsistencia del medioambiente, proponemos medidas para mantener la cultura regional y elaboramos maniobras para apoyar la economía local.


  • Promovemos el Patrimonio Natural de una forma responsable.
  • Generamos conciencia a nuestros viajeros sobre la biodiversidad del país.
  • Actuamos con responsabilidad frente a los recursos naturales.
  • Trabajamos en la reducción de los impactos ambientales.
  • Sensibilizamos a nuestros viajeros sobre las buenas prácticas ambientales durante el viaje.
  • Informamos a nuestros viajeros sobre el patrimonio cultural del país.
  • Generamos conciencia a nuestros viajeros del respeto a las comunidades locales
  • Generamos empleo para la comunidad local
  • Apoyamos a los negocios locales
  • Contratamos de forma responsable
  • Promovemos la visita de destinos nacionales