Environmental project


Travel with Purpose

The project consists of planting plants and trees in each tour to Ciudad Perdida and actively involve tourists and the local community, transmitting a message of environmental awareness through this activity, where our guides give talks that motivate tourists to participate in this activity by planting trees and ornamental plants to contribute to the care and preservation of the environment.

  • Executed February 2021
  • Objective: Encourage, Care for, Reforest and Support
  • Benefits: Protecting sacred sites and the environment

Planted trees.

lost city trek-kogui-turcol-turismo-colombia-ciudad-perdida-santa-marta-caribe-adventure-hiking-sostenibilidad-comunidad-sierra nevada
lost city trek-kogui-turcol-turismo-colombia-ciudad-perdida-santa-marta-caribe-adventure-hiking-sostenibilidad-comunidad-sierra nevada

We assume the arduous task and the duty of renewing certain areas with the commitment to:


The Eco destination of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and its environmental aspects with the use and permanence in authorized sites, waste management and sustainable tourism balance for visitors and communities.


Trails, landscape and cultural expressions; protect our clients and communities: Health and Wellness are a priority while they are in the tourism programs.

re Forestar

The territory, trails, landscapes and cultural extensions with trees to impact the indigenous community of the sector and to care for and repopulate the environment.


Economic development by acquiring their products and services, hiring members of their communities in tourism plans, participating in productive projects and providing economic contributions to strengthen the region.

What have we sown?





caracoli-ciduad perdida-lost city trek-turcol-santa marta



Purple Mafafa





Our Collaborators

The project aims to promote environmental awareness and care for the environment by planting plants and trees during tours to Ciudad Perdida. The aim is to actively involve tourists and the local community in this activity, transmitting a message of responsibility and care for the environment.

During the tours, the guides offer motivational talks for tourists to participate in the activity of planting ornamental plants and trees, which contributes to reforestation and care of the environment. In this way, it seeks to protect sacred sites and promote the conservation of the region’s ecosystem.

The project opened in February 2021 and is expected to have a long-term positive impact on the local community and tourists visiting the area. In addition to the environmental benefits, such as ecosystem protection and the conservation of sacred sites, this initiative can have a positive economic impact on the region by promoting sustainable and responsible tourism.

sowing footprints-lost citadel-lost city trek-turcol-santa marta
sowing footprints-lost citadel-lost city trek-turcol-santa marta
sowing footprints-lost citadel-lost city trek-turcol-santa marta
sowing footprints-lost citadel-lost city trek-turcol-santa marta